How much does it cost to set up and launch a basic online store

How much does  Those who follow frequently know that within Quondos. Therefore, we have set up a project to sell on Amazon . As I have already commented in several posts, there are several points in favor of launching an online business. Therefore, through this e-commerce giant. The initial cost is smaller than creating your own online store.

What is a basic e-commerce and launch a

How much does  What is a basic e-commerce ? When it comes to spending category email list money to launch an e-commerce. Therefore, business, you can do stupid things and pay thousands and tens of thousands of euros. When I talk about basic e-commerce I refer to the following points: Sale of 5-20 standard. Therefore, products (such as clothing, gifts, books, etc.) WordPress-based platform with the Woocommerce plugin. Basic stock management, without connection to ERP systems. 

Online store do you have to invest to set up a basic e-commerce

Show Phone Number US me the money” some will say now.” Let’s talk about pasta. How much does it cost to set up something like this with your own product, which requires additional investment than a simple dropshipping model .Below you can see our logo with which we will start selling under our own brand   published on Quondos .