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The first time you want to make a cake, would. Unleash Access Exclusive Your you use someone else’s recipe or try to. Furthermore, it is not a fixed point that once you arrive and you can forget about it. As it is closely related to the type. Of user you attract, where you develop your product and the needs of the market. The PMF can move, and you have to move with it. It is an area that you want to reach and that you want to stay in. To know if you are there, there are 3 tests you can do. Leading Indicators Survey Main participation data Retention curves Leading Indicators Survey.

Percentage of promoters Access Exclusive and you should aim for the resulting

They are surveys that you do to your user category email list base to see how. Happy they are with your product. There are 2 alternatives: Net Promote Score (NPS). Sean Ellis PMF Survey. The NPS is a survey that asks: “From 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend. This product to a friend?” And users are rated as detractors (1-6), passive (7-8). Or promoters (9-10) based on their responses. Once the survey is done , subtract the percentage of detractors,. From the percentage of promoters and you should aim for. The resulting figure to be close to 50.

Both methods are useful to start evaluating the PMF

The other method, Sean Ellis’ PMF survey , is to ask “how would Phone Number US you feel. Ff you could no longer use our product?” and give 4 possible answers. “Very disappointed, disappointed, slightly disappointed or other.” You should aim for 40% “Very Disappointed.” Both methods are useful to start evaluating the PMF and obtain feedback at the beginning. Of your business, but they have 1 big problem. It is easy to generate a false positive . People don’t usually like to tell you that your product sucks. The following test is a little more advanced. Main participation. Data It is about measuring with a tool like Amplitude or Mixpanel the level. Of use of your product by your customers, and it depends a lot on your type of product.

How much does it cost to set up and launch a basic online store

How much does  Those who follow frequently know that within Quondos. Therefore, we have set up a project to sell on Amazon . As I have already commented in several posts, there are several points in favor of launching an online business. Therefore, through this e-commerce giant. The initial cost is smaller than creating your own online store.

What is a basic e-commerce and launch a

How much does  What is a basic e-commerce ? When it comes to spending category email list money to launch an e-commerce. Therefore, business, you can do stupid things and pay thousands and tens of thousands of euros. When I talk about basic e-commerce I refer to the following points: Sale of 5-20 standard. Therefore, products (such as clothing, gifts, books, etc.) WordPress-based platform with the Woocommerce plugin. Basic stock management, without connection to ERP systems. 

Online store do you have to invest to set up a basic e-commerce

Show Phone Number US me the money” some will say now.” Let’s talk about pasta. How much does it cost to set up something like this with your own product, which requires additional investment than a simple dropshipping model .Below you can see our logo with which we will start selling under our own brand   published on Quondos .

When we realize it it s already too late

At this point we realize that we have been doing it wrong, that we need help and that . We must leave behind that arrogance (I can do everything) and that false need to do everything and spend (invest) the minimum. So we made the decision to ask for help. But we do it at a time when we are in crisis. Full of . Pending tasks, with a minimum level of motivation and energy…

There is hope for your project, just like there is for mine

Come on! Dry your tears and keep reading, it’s not a big deal . Well, yes, because it is as true as the top of a pine tree . But it is also true that it can be avoided, that is why you are swallowing this mega-post. Right? Keep reading, please. Take a break if you want, but come back with energy because now you know what this post is about: to prevent you from making a serious mistake category email list that could stop your success . In honor of the series… for the next chapter.  Now ads come out, you are left with your mouth open and say “what . You better keep reading, leave your opinion .

Our project is chaos

n fact, we don’t even have time to pee. We need him to get work now or this is going to collapse (and not Shakira’s). We don’t know how to delegate. Ah! Not at all. We have spent a long time with the false peace that control gives us, that gives us “I am Phone Number US doing it the way it should be done.” So we basically tell him “do but inform me and ask me about every little step you try to take.” This is what you will tell yourself : “Wow, okay, I was doing it wrong but now I have asked for help and it is even worse, because I have gone from having a lot of stress to having a lot of stress, taking care of someone and spending more… I think this is not For me, I have failed .”