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The first time you want to make a cake, would. Unleash Access Exclusive Your you use someone else’s recipe or try to. Furthermore, it is not a fixed point that once you arrive and you can forget about it. As it is closely related to the type. Of user you attract, where you develop your product and the needs of the market. The PMF can move, and you have to move with it. It is an area that you want to reach and that you want to stay in. To know if you are there, there are 3 tests you can do. Leading Indicators Survey Main participation data Retention curves Leading Indicators Survey.

Percentage of promoters Access Exclusive and you should aim for the resulting

They are surveys that you do to your user category email list base to see how. Happy they are with your product. There are 2 alternatives: Net Promote Score (NPS). Sean Ellis PMF Survey. The NPS is a survey that asks: “From 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend. This product to a friend?” And users are rated as detractors (1-6), passive (7-8). Or promoters (9-10) based on their responses. Once the survey is done , subtract the percentage of detractors,. From the percentage of promoters and you should aim for. The resulting figure to be close to 50.

Both methods are useful to start evaluating the PMF

The other method, Sean Ellis’ PMF survey , is to ask “how would Phone Number US you feel. Ff you could no longer use our product?” and give 4 possible answers. “Very disappointed, disappointed, slightly disappointed or other.” You should aim for 40% “Very Disappointed.” Both methods are useful to start evaluating the PMF and obtain feedback at the beginning. Of your business, but they have 1 big problem. It is easy to generate a false positive . People don’t usually like to tell you that your product sucks. The following test is a little more advanced. Main participation. Data It is about measuring with a tool like Amplitude or Mixpanel the level. Of use of your product by your customers, and it depends a lot on your type of product.

Unleash Your Product Industry Potential

The first time you want to make a cake, would. Unleash Your you use someone else’s recipe or try to invent your own. Damn, it’s the same with business. Doing business is a body of knowledge that has been built on the continued. Work of some of the most brilliant minds in history, who in turn have leveraged previous geniuses. And I don’t know about you, but I sure am not one of those brilliant minds. And they are less than 0.0001% of. The population Luckily, I don’t need it either, because most of these people’s ideas are captured in books, YouTube videos or online articles.

online business you Unleash Your have to overcome 3 phases

Therefore, this article is based on industry email list some of those ideas, and to make it easier to chew, I have divided it into 2 parts: How do you scale an online business? How are we going to do that? How do you scale an online business? You see, to scale an online business you have to overcome 3 phases: Traction . The objective in this phase is to validate that you have a business on your hands with the ability to scale. Transition . The objective of this phase is to leave the previous one behind and enter the growth phase in an orderly manner.

We are flirting with Product Market Fit (PMF)

Growth . In this phase the objective is to Phone Number US accelerate as much as possible, without harming the main metrics. The border between these 3 phases is usually blurred. We, for example, are halfway between the traction phase and the transition phase. That is, we are flirting with Product Market Fit (PMF) and starting to move towards the transition phase. What is Product Market Fit? Basically it is the process by which a company confirms that its product is accepted in the market and that the market is large enough for its objectives.

Stay Ahead in the Product Industry

The other big goal for this year is to Stay Ahead scale Dino RANK much more and that’s what this post is about. Article index 1 In 2024 we want to invoice 1 million euros in Dino RANK 2  How do you scale an online business? 2.1 What is Product Market Fit? 2.1.1 Survey of main indicators 2.1.2 Main participation data 2.1.3 Retention curves 3  How are we going to solve this so we can fully enter the transition phase? 3.1 User research, use of the tool and cancellations 3.2 Hypothesis testing to reduce churn Over the past year I have been training in two disciplines that I consider essential to scaling my company: copy and Growth Hacking.

Grow Dino RANK to one Stay Ahead million euros annually

Growth blew me away, I have to top industry data admit. It is a discipline that seeks to grow a business in users or income (or both because they usually go hand in hand), through the least possible expense and effort. And in this post we are going to show you numbers, graphs, strategies and, ultimately, we are going to reveal to you all the actions that we are carrying out and others that we are going to implement to grow Dino RANK to one million euros annually. My friend Charly, a true Growth Hacking expert, is going to tell you this. All yours! The year 2021 has been very good for Blogger3cero. And it has gone well for us. Very good. We have grown an egg as a team. Not in quantity, but in quality. We work better and better together.

Training in two disciplines that I consider essential

At SEO Warriors we have more than Phone Number US achieved our goal of having 500 active students. At Dino RANK we have exceeded the goal of reaching 1000 users. To celebrate, we took a few days off at the end of the year ( and now it’s time to. Come back for more. So we are defining our objectives for 2022 and. Although we do not have them 100% yet. Dean has asked me to write this article to tell you about the most. Ambitious objective that we have on the table right now: In 2024 we want to invoice 1 million euros at Dino RANK And we have a plan to achieve it. You see, scaling an online business is difficult. Hard balls. That’s why it bothers me when people try to invent their own method to achieve it.

How muc do I have to invest to have a product with my own brand on Amazon

How muc have to invest In many cases you are not the first seller of that same product so it is difficult to differentiate yourself. Many times you have to compete with companies that are capable of buying in very high volumes, so the purchase price and consequently the sale price is much better .

How can you differentiate yourself by have to invest

How muc have to invest How can you differentiate yourself by selling the same product as the top industry data competition on Amazon? Price is never the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition because it robs you of the air to breathe. There will always be someone who will be cheaper than you at some point. We have managed to sell more than our competition with the same product while being more expensive. This is what we have done.Being able to print your own brand on the product can cost you.

How to get your own product on Amazon own brand on

How to get your own product on Phone Number US Amazon The best way to differentiate yourself from the rest that buy from the same supplier is to have an individual packaging design with your own logo . This is not too complicated since any Chinese manufacturer provides you with this possibility.Being able to print your own brand on the product can cost you.

How much does it cost to set up and launch a basic online store

How much does  Those who follow frequently know that within Quondos. Therefore, we have set up a project to sell on Amazon . As I have already commented in several posts, there are several points in favor of launching an online business. Therefore, through this e-commerce giant. The initial cost is smaller than creating your own online store.

What is a basic e-commerce and launch a

How much does  What is a basic e-commerce ? When it comes to spending category email list money to launch an e-commerce. Therefore, business, you can do stupid things and pay thousands and tens of thousands of euros. When I talk about basic e-commerce I refer to the following points: Sale of 5-20 standard. Therefore, products (such as clothing, gifts, books, etc.) WordPress-based platform with the Woocommerce plugin. Basic stock management, without connection to ERP systems. 

Online store do you have to invest to set up a basic e-commerce

Show Phone Number US me the money” some will say now.” Let’s talk about pasta. How much does it cost to set up something like this with your own product, which requires additional investment than a simple dropshipping model .Below you can see our logo with which we will start selling under our own brand   published on Quondos .

How long can it take you to set up a basic online store from scratch

How long can it take Always when you start quantifying things there are people who are not going to agree. I like to do it because. Therefore, this way you also realize if your estimates and experiences are accurate or completely out of the ordinary.After a lot of “blah blah” we finally. Therefore, arrived at the time and task estimates. Here I leave it to you. I leave you a table with tasks.

Clarifications on my last post How long can it take

How long can it take Clarifications on my last post about the cost of an e-commerce The industry email list last time it was like this in the post I published. Therefore, about the cost of an online store . I added “basic” in the title of the article to imply that this was the minimum that would have to be taken into account because obviously. Therefore, depending on what you want to do and the number of products you want to publish, etc. You can easily spend  more.

Context you need to know about the tasks to be performed store from scratch

Context you need to know about the tasks to be performed On  this occasion I am setting Phone Number US a project outside of normal hours. It is a situation in which many people find themselves. Therefore, who, apart from their employed work, want to set up something. Therefore, of their own. Typically you get going and then you’re  long it all takes. 

Understanding the essence of building teams to undertake better and with less stress

After the laughter at the YMCA I relaxed a little, nothing could go wrong now . It didn’t matter if I had my hands in my pockets, if I moved too much, if I looked at the screen with my back to the attendees… it didn’t matter if I missed something (I’m not going to confirm it to you) during the talk. It didn’t matter if he said “okay?” too many times. It didn’t even matter if the slides didn’t happen . It didn’t matter if every time I tried to advance the slide the presentation closed. It didn’t matter if I had to synchronize with “the technician,” making gestures for him to show me the slides.

What is the fuel of entrepreneurship?

Before starting with the advice, I would like us to clarify some basic concepts , something that, together with the reflections top industry data in the previous post, will lead you to the same conclusion that I reached a long time ago: working alone is crazy . Yes, perhaps at first it is essential. Maybe it’s not time yet. Maybe you can’t afford it. Maybe there is another maybe that is perhaps reasonable. But maybe you’re wrong. By the way, I may have to buy for the quiz. Hahaha. Okay sorry. The loneliness of my office.

But we have been taught to think of other “fuels”

Don’t you agree? I saw you on camera and you looked like the typical Chinese car dashboard cat , nodding all the time. Not to say anything else. Hee hee hee. But you know what? Although almost everyone agrees when I talk about the fuel of entrepreneurship, most are saying or have said things like: “I can’t spend right now . ” So the most common situation is : I’m not going to invest Phone Number US any of my personal money but I have no qualms about sacrificing a lot of personal time, mine or my family’s, working from dawn to dusk. No, I’m not going to work more than 8 hours even if that means I feel a chest-crushing frustration that prevents me from smiling when I’m “on me time.”

When we realize it it s already too late

At this point we realize that we have been doing it wrong, that we need help and that . We must leave behind that arrogance (I can do everything) and that false need to do everything and spend (invest) the minimum. So we made the decision to ask for help. But we do it at a time when we are in crisis. Full of . Pending tasks, with a minimum level of motivation and energy…

There is hope for your project, just like there is for mine

Come on! Dry your tears and keep reading, it’s not a big deal . Well, yes, because it is as true as the top of a pine tree . But it is also true that it can be avoided, that is why you are swallowing this mega-post. Right? Keep reading, please. Take a break if you want, but come back with energy because now you know what this post is about: to prevent you from making a serious mistake category email list that could stop your success . In honor of the series… for the next chapter.  Now ads come out, you are left with your mouth open and say “what . You better keep reading, leave your opinion .

Our project is chaos

n fact, we don’t even have time to pee. We need him to get work now or this is going to collapse (and not Shakira’s). We don’t know how to delegate. Ah! Not at all. We have spent a long time with the false peace that control gives us, that gives us “I am Phone Number US doing it the way it should be done.” So we basically tell him “do but inform me and ask me about every little step you try to take.” This is what you will tell yourself : “Wow, okay, I was doing it wrong but now I have asked for help and it is even worse, because I have gone from having a lot of stress to having a lot of stress, taking care of someone and spending more… I think this is not For me, I have failed .”

Why create a team and undertake with less stress and better results

I hadn’t rehearsed it too much because I prefer it to come out naturally . It is usually enough for me to do the presentation myself to remember all the slides and know how to follow the common thread.Without losing spontaneity. It has always worked for me and I have always gone on stage with confidence , making sure that just letting myself go is enough. But that day I was especially .Nervous , perhaps because of the honor of having been invited by the .La Transformateca team or perhaps because of having seen the talks .That preceded mine and whose level of speakers, staging and value contributed amazed me.

The (almost) most common scary story in the world of digital entrepreneurship

Almost defeated by indecision, a few minutes before starting and still in my underwear, I picked up my phone and read your message industry email list again: “go for them tiger” (with the respective. Laughing emoticons). I remembered your laugh when I showed you the presentation and your “your joke at the. Beginning is good” and the doubt dissipated. Come on! I started the talk. With the question of what would you do with an extra €1,000/month 3 months before your launch. And people started dancing YMCA. Strange things from the live. Hahaha.

Fear leads us to deny ourselves that better life we ​​seek

As a general rule, when we decide to start a business, we do it because we want to get away from that cliché “job, salary, mortgage, ugh”. We are seduced by the idea of ​​time and geographic Phone Number US freedom, self-management, working when we want, doing what we like, having time for the family and also to play sports and finally making that damn ass hard that no matter how hard we squeeze it on the stairs. mechanics of the mall el cabronis is ready to paint it orange and jello to the song. Yes or no?

The Congress of the 30th anniversary of Dircom

The actress and presenter Verónica Mengod, master of ceremonies of the Congress, gave way to the closing intervention of Miguel López-Quesada, president of Dircom. «At Dircom, over the last 30 years, we have worked to professionalize the Communication function, highlight its strategic importance in organizations and disseminate our role in society. “There have been three decades of history in which the institution has valued the strategic contribution and the transformative capacity of communication and its managers as agents of change,” he assured. «With this Congress, in addition to anticipating, reading what is coming, we wanted to convey that the only way to face the future is to generate alliances: with other organizations, with the legislative, economic, with the third sector and with other actors. social. And we have done it during these two days without talking about communication.

Communication managers and directors

In his closing speech, Isabel Rodríguez assured: «As agents of change, need to know what the new scenarios in which your profession will develop top industry data in the coming years will be like. It is a very important opportunity because it allows the rest of society to anticipate social trends. In some way, you are helping us prepare for what is coming in areas as relevant as technology and sustainability , and this takes on a special, very special and transcendental role in a context as complex as the one we are going through. Therefore, congratulations for all these years of work, for this congress. And that they be many more. Congratulations”.

Next horizons: the 15-minute city

Among other things, the famous scientist, urban planner and professor at the Parisian Sorbonne University told us: «The city is a sphere whose Phone Number US center should be everywhere and its circumference nowhere. Therefore, the 15-minute city is a concept that has been worked on for three years with C40 Cities. Our main contribution in this sense is to consider that sustainability. From the triple ecological, economic and social angle. Therefore, has its reason for being if we manage to increase the quality of life where we live. Therefore, he continued: “We have accepted the unacceptable: long trips, poorly used buildings, loss of social interactions, segmented, fractured, zoned cities… It is necessary to build a new urban and territorial narrative.”

Greenpeace activists protest in Madrid against hyperconsumerism

After several weeks of commercial and media “bombardment”, Black Friday is here. This November 25, the well-known “Black Friday” is celebrated, a day in which great discounts are the protagonists . However, the impact that Black Friday has on the planet has triggered protests early in the morning in cities like Madrid. The purpose of this action is to condemn the “waste” that is a day like today, in which companies encourage users to consume compulsively without really thinking about the impact of all their purchases.

Consequences of Black Friday

Furthermore, e-commerce returns alone in the US this Black Friday emit 15 million tons of CO2. Greenpeace’s biodiversity category email list manager, Celia Ojeda, explained in statements to EFE that the target of the protest is not consumers, but the overproduction of big brands . These encourage consumers to purchase products of “shorter duration and poorer quality”, which end up “in landfills and incinerators.” For this reason, the environmental NGO’s protests no longer only denounce the raw materials required for this high production but also warn about the pollution and high environmental cost that this type of workshop entails.

Inditex workers also demonstrate

Beyond Greenpeace, there have been other groups that have joined the protests against Black Friday these days. Yesterday, Thursday, the CGT called a demonstration Phone Number US at the doors of the Zara located in Plaza de España. In Galicia , Inditex workers gathered this week at the As Cancelas Shopping Center in Santiago where, according to the Galician Inter-Union Confederation (CIG), the stores remained closed as a protest. Outside our borders, Amazon employees are also rebelling.

Adidas opens investigation against Kanye West

Accusations are piling up against Kanye West . The rapper and businessman is back in the spotlight after a Rolling Stone report revealed that he allegedly showed pornography to employees of Yeezy, his company. According to this media, he could have shown explicit sexual videos and photos in meetings and job interviews in which he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, would appear. This same behavior seems to have been extended to the adidas company . The company has now opened an internal investigation into Kanye West following an open letter that some workers sent to the brand’s management, denouncing some of the rapper’s attitudes. 

Criticism for anti-Semitic and racist statements 

In recent months, Kanye West has not stopped sparking controversy . Last October he already lost one of his most important business allies in his industry email list career, Adidas , for making anti-Semitic and racist comments on social networks . At the time, Adidas said that after careful consideration, the company had made the decision to end its partnership with West immediately, cease production of Yeezy-branded products and stop all payments to the artist and his companies. “Ye’s recent statements and actions are unacceptable, hateful and dangerous ,” the brand stated in a statement.

Designed footwear and clothing

Kanye West, who has for Adidas under the Yeezy brand since 2015, clashed head-on with the brand by showing his anti-Semitism and disrespect. But this brand Phone Number US has not been the only one to cut ties with the rapper. Balenciaga, a luxury fashion brand commonly associated with West, was the first to reject collaborations with the artist, followed by talent agency CAA and, later, Studio MRC, which already announced that it would not air the documentary about West.”It is currently unclear whether the allegations made in an anonymous letter are true,” he said. “However, we take these allegations very seriously and have made the decision to immediately launch an independent investigation into the matter to resolve the allegations.”