Why create a team and undertake with less stress and better results

I hadn’t rehearsed it too much because I prefer it to come out naturally . It is usually enough for me to do the presentation myself to remember all the slides and know how to follow the common thread.Without losing spontaneity. It has always worked for me and I have always gone on stage with confidence , making sure that just letting myself go is enough. But that day I was especially .Nervous , perhaps because of the honor of having been invited by the .La Transformateca team or perhaps because of having seen the talks .That preceded mine and whose level of speakers, staging and value contributed amazed me.

The (almost) most common scary story in the world of digital entrepreneurship

Almost defeated by indecision, a few minutes before starting and still in my underwear, I picked up my phone and read your message industry email list again: “go for them tiger” (with the respective. Laughing emoticons). I remembered your laugh when I showed you the presentation and your “your joke at the. Beginning is good” and the doubt dissipated. Come on! I started the talk. With the question of what would you do with an extra €1,000/month 3 months before your launch. And people started dancing YMCA. Strange things from the live. Hahaha.

Fear leads us to deny ourselves that better life we ​​seek

As a general rule, when we decide to start a business, we do it because we want to get away from that cliché “job, salary, mortgage, ugh”. We are seduced by the idea of ​​time and geographic Phone Number US freedom, self-management, working when we want, doing what we like, having time for the family and also to play sports and finally making that damn ass hard that no matter how hard we squeeze it on the stairs. mechanics of the mall el cabronis is ready to paint it orange and jello to the song. Yes or no?