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We recommend Is your staff happy? An example of fun with elements of team building are team Olympic Games, during which participants compete in interesting competitions – such as an obstacle course or a race on crates. In order to win, you don’t nee only good shape and physical fitness. Collaboration and effective communication are much more important! Other team building attractions include: construction of the Goldberg machine, cooking or dancing tournament, scenario fun.

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A crime mystery). For employees, the evening part of the event is also important, which should be the icing on the cake. You can try to hire a magician or a music band who will lead the participants straight to the dance floor. Certainly a good idea database will also be attractions organize outside the hotel – skiing, paintball or kayaking. Effective image campaign: 3 most important rules January 1, 2022 PR Effective image campaign: 3 most important rules Have you ever wondere why customers choose one particular product over other competing products.


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Brands often have the biggest impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Customers choose brands they know and like. Therefore, investing Phone Number US in the image should be an inseparable element of any company that wants to be successful on the market. What should an effective image campaign look like? An effective brand image campaign step by step How to design an effective campaign? An effective brand image campaign step by step As a PR agency , we confirm with all our might – brand image translates into real sales results. In order to achieve the set business goals and gradually build a competitive advantage on the market, you nee to invest in a decent image campaign.