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Well, Instagram stopped providing Tubular with access to its data for views in November 2020. However, it continued to provide access to the number of accounts using the social video platform, videos they published, and engagements they got. Why? I don’t know, it’s a mystery. Nevertheless, that’s what makes catching social video trends on Instagram like bobbing for apples. Still, 4.3 million accounts uploaded 278 million videos to Instagram from Oct. 16, 2021, to Oct. 15, 2022. These videos got a total of 907 billion engagements. And 4.1 million accounts uploaded 297 million videos to Instagram from Oct. 16, 2022, to Oct. 15, 2023. These videos got 1.2 trillion engagements (with a “t”).

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Lost 4.7% of its creators in the past year, but the remaining ones have created 6.8% more videos, which have received 32.3% more engagements. Now, that’s a trend you can sink your Belize Mobile Number List teeth into. 6. On TikTok, ChatGPT isn’t considered a scary Halloween costume ChatGPT was launched on Nov. 30, 2022 by OpenAI. So, this is the first year that the chatbot could be considered by anyone interested in wearing a scary Halloween costume. But Tubular data for the first half of 2023 indicates that TikTok viewers are more interested in finding hacks and tips about using ChatGPT and integrating generative AI technology into their daily lives.

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Views on this topic on , then you’ll be stunned to see: 30% come from the Business category. 24% come from School. 19% come from Memes & Comedy. 17% come from Software Engineering. 7% come from Marketing. 4% come from Art. This lack of fear about chatbots is reflected in the views Philippines Phone Number List of education hashtags about ChatGPT on TikTok: school 140.5 million. college 130.3 million. university 92.7 million. essay 84.1 million. student 73.0 million. highschool 62.3 million. So, it appears that TikTok viewers have taken the advice of Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who said in a commencement address back in May: “While some worry that.

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We recommend Is your staff happy? An example of fun with elements of team building are team Olympic Games, during which participants compete in interesting competitions – such as an obstacle course or a race on crates. In order to win, you don’t nee only good shape and physical fitness. Collaboration and effective communication are much more important! Other team building attractions include: construction of the Goldberg machine, cooking or dancing tournament, scenario fun.

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A crime mystery). For employees, the evening part of the event is also important, which should be the icing on the cake. You can try to hire a magician or a music band who will lead the participants straight to the dance floor. Certainly a good idea database will also be attractions organize outside the hotel – skiing, paintball or kayaking. Effective image campaign: 3 most important rules January 1, 2022 PR Effective image campaign: 3 most important rules Have you ever wondere why customers choose one particular product over other competing products.


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Brands often have the biggest impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Customers choose brands they know and like. Therefore, investing Phone Number US in the image should be an inseparable element of any company that wants to be successful on the market. What should an effective image campaign look like? An effective brand image campaign step by step How to design an effective campaign? An effective brand image campaign step by step As a PR agency , we confirm with all our might – brand image translates into real sales results. In order to achieve the set business goals and gradually build a competitive advantage on the market, you nee to invest in a decent image campaign.

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Regular integration trips affect the quality of work of the entire team. Therefore, it is not worth treating them as an unpleasant necessity, but an opportunity to improve work efficiency. When is it worth organizing them at the hotel? And why is Dwór Korona Karkonosze an excellent choice? Are you looking for an original place for an integration event? Dwór Korona Karkonosze will meet every challenge! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Hotel for integration events – two main benefits Hotel as an accommodation base Employers often decide to distinguish employees for their hard and persistent work or organize integration events.

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That are the culmination of the whole year and in this way thank them for their contribution to the development and functioning of the company. Usually, these are grand events that last the whole evening – and often the night. A hotel for phone number list integration trips is then the only sensible choice. In addition to the fact that the company can use the conference or banquet hall on site, it will also provide employees with access to the room. This is especially important in the case of events organize far away from the company’s headquarters.

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The employer does not have to worry about the safe return of all participants. A hotel as a break from the everyday reality of the city A hotel for integration events is a great choice, bearing in mind the psychological comfort of employees Phone Number US who nee a break from office reality. Organizing an event away from the hustle and bustle of the city will also make the whole trip more attractive. As a result, employees will also have a chance to rest during it. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy has the appropriate equipment to handle the event, so the company does not bear the burden of preparing the plan and refining the details.

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The group will inded carry out updates concerning Google Shopping, most of which will come into effect from September 2015. Google explains that the objective of these updates is to improve the user experience when searching for products online and to simplify also the process of sending product information to Google Shopping feds. Prepare to have to modify some data of your existing products. Changing Google Product Fed Specifications Digital IDs will be implementd for Google product categories . Instead of using product category paths.

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You can now send a category’s identifier instead of sending its full path. GTIN codes , which uniquely identify a product on the global market, have been refind. You have every interest in indicating these codes because they make it possible database to enrich your advertisements and to improve the access of your products to the users who will find them more easily and quickly. ‘ Clothing ‘ and ‘ Variants ‘ are now groupd together in a single section, calld ‘ Detaild Product Attributes and Item Groupings ‘. Thanks to this modification, Internet users will be able to find your products more easily since you will have describd them beforehand.


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In the States, it is now possible to enter the unit price and the quantity for products sold in bulk or in volume. Google product classification Phone Number US change Google product classification paths are going to be simplifid . Some categories will be groupd together, so you will no longer have to fill in the subcategories for the following headings:Be sure to check this new information in case your products are includd in these categories. Google gives you some time to change your data, but from September 15, 2015, these changes will take effect in Google Shopping. So get to work! Facebook improves the user experience by introducing.

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Twitter when we had already spottd some rather interesting creations: here is our selection of the 5 most effective and original advertisements of the morning of February 14. Valentine’s Day, where does it come from? Because you never ned to shine too much during romantic dinners, here’s something to update you on the origins of this beautiful celebration of love and impress your other half. Its source dates back to the 3rd century, during which a bishop nam.

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Valentin organizd secret wddings in Rome to allow lovers to marry despite the prohibition of the emperor at the time. This dear Claudius II believd that his soldiers had better things to do than take care of a wife and children. Then imprisond for phone number list his misdeds, Bishop Valentin does not stop there and manages to restore sight (thanks to his magical powers) to the daughter of his jailer, and the latter, of course, falls in love with his savior. But the Bishop remains nonetheless condemnd to death, and sends a last letter to his belovd, signd “From your Valentine.

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Historians will be able to maintain that this is only a legend, this feast remains very popular, and is an opportunity for romantics to celebrate their love, and for singles to support each other in this chaste period. MEETIC, for singles Phone Number US Faithful to their habits of explosive campaigns, Meetic, the No. 1 dating site in France, addresses singles in its special Valentine’s Day videos. While sending them a little wink to remind them that love is not is just a click away thanks to Meetic. KFC Canada: ChickenGram If the boxes of chocolates aren’t original enough for your taste, in Canada.