What is email marketing? Mega guide to create a more modern

What is email, There are many who still do not know what email marketing is or continue. To think that this technique consists of carrying out massive email campaigns. That is, “hunting ducks with a machine gun. I still hear that it is not bad to buy databases or incorporate any email to our lists. Given which, we must ask ourselves: is this an example of email marketing or is it Spam. Perhaps these are some of the reasons why, until a few years ago. This strategy was so criticized and it was even heard that. It was on the verge of disappearing or playing a secondary role within a Digital Marketing Plan . For this reason, and in the midst of so much media noise. In this article I would like to first clarify the definition of this term. So that before showing you how to carry out a well-designed strategy.

Stay in Touch With Customers

What is email, Email Marketing is a means of digital communication that is carried email leads out by sending emails. Communication takes place between a sender (which is usually a company or entrepreneur. And a receiver (the subscriber to its databases. In order to attract and retain them as a customer. This is a non-invasive strategy for the user and much more direct than other. Techniques used on the Internet, given that the person receiving the. Emails does so in the inbox of their email account . In addition. He has previously given his consent to periodically receive this type of shipment. Remember: email marketing is one of the most effective. And least invasive direct communication techniques for the user who receives them. So it should be included in every digital marketing strategy.

Send Them News and Updates

This is a question that if you have read carefully from the beginning. You may have been able to intuit Stay in touch with customers. As already mentioned in Phone Number US the previous definition. It is above all a “communication technique so it represents a direct. And close thread through which you can listen to the requests and feedback of your community. Send them news and updates Just like I personally do with the contents of my blog. If you publish weekly on it, it would be good to send them that new content through this digital medium. They will surely be happy to know that they can enjoy a new article from. One of their favorite blogs to which they subscribe. Generate engagement That direct contact that. I was telling you about has a reason for being: to create empathy.