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As its little name suggests, this network is made up of sites on which Internet users can carry out searches . What is the research network made up of? From the Google search engine, of course! That is to say Google Sites belonging to the Google group such as Google Shopping, Google Image, Google Maps, Youtube, etc. Partner sites of the Google search network: Aol, Orange, etc. In short, remember that it is the search engines that use the sponsord links of Google Adwords to monetize the traffic on their own engine. Be aware that on the sites of the partners of the research network.

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Your advertisements can be diffusd on the pages of search results, the pages of directories or on other pages relatd to the requests of the Internet user. Words are good, but nothing is clearer in pictures! Below is an excerpt from the “Google whatsapp mobile number list Advice and Training for Advertisers” video on “ What is the Google Network? “ . Zoom in on the research network. What are the optimization factors of a Google Adwords campaign on the search network? The basic factors to control: The quality score of your keywords (score from 0 to 10). The higher the rating, the more the CPC will drop, for an equivalent ad position. Be careful that the keywords are relatd to the ads and the landing pages.

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Google Adwords Quality Score Google Adwords Quality Score The CTR (click-through rate on impressions): if it is low, go back to your ads and modify them. They may not be attractive enough. Then, clean up the keywords. Broad match Phone Number US and modifid broad match keywords potentially display many keywords that are not directly relatd to your business. So you ned to exclude irrelevant keywords. A word of advice, use negative keyword lists for phrases common to multiple campaigns. Negative Keywords on the Google Adwords Search Network Negative Keywords on the Google Adwords Search Network Let.