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In Latin American and Caribbean countries, these ucational policies have been aim at infertile training and teacher remuneration policies, as if the increase in teachers’ salaries or the reforms in the categorization of their professionalism (some of a punitive nature) would improve by themselves. ucational systems. Quality ucation involves the necessary efforts of relevant actors, such as UNESCO; However, these implementations have been elite economic organizations (IMF or WB), lacking relevance in ucation. In 2006, the World Bank publish the report “For quality ucation for Peru: standards, accountability and capacity building.

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Measures to break the deadlock were identifi in addition to providing comparisons of international ucational spending. As we approach the Bicentennial of Independence, how far have we advanc in the development of these ucational policies and how will we establish the goals for 2030? In many countries in the region, child labor business lead is consider the basis for the economic growth of the family. As in Colombia, in Peru child labor has been consider a setback in the lives of these children. When dropping out of school is for work reasons, school continuity is absorb and this causes an economic cost to the child and her quality of life.

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 An aspect that I consider crucial for the development of quality ucation is the work of the teacher . By 2030, the supply of qualifi teachers must be considerably increas through international cooperation to adopt successful models in our workplace or to integrate and share advances in ucation. The ucational transformation Phone Number US that the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are going through has chang the vision of the teacher in school. This can be seen in the progress in the implementation of measures in several countries (Rivas, 2015) (Bruns & y Luque, 2014), where a slight improvement has been achiev.