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Another important piece of information: oxygen dissolves much better in cold water. Theoretically, the colder it is, the more oxygen it has. However, we must remember that in winter it is not difficult to cut it off, if only as a result of the formation of an ice sheet on the surface. The last thing to talk about is food. For many species, omnivorous fish will primarily seek animal food. This is due to the fact that in winter the importance of high-calorie fats and proteins, which are a source of energy, increases. Remember also that at low temperatures the fish are not as active as at higher temperatures.

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They fee less intensively, do not swim as fast and rarely approach the upper layers of water. Simply put – they are lethargic, so you should not expect Latest Mailing Database extremely intense biting (or at least it happens much less often than in the summer. Simplifying all the above information: in winter, fish are easiest to find where they will not have to use too much energy due to their slow metabolism. To this should be adde easy gas exchange and access to animal food. corona-Fishing on the river In winter, fish tend to avoid rapid currents and prefer to wait out this season in stagnant waters.

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Whenever they have the opportunity to enter a riverside lake or a dam reservoir, they will most likely be willing to do so. We will note right away Phone Number US that in such places we will find fish especially at the beginning of winter and at the end, when the temperatures do not yet reach the critical point. This is a good place to find chubs, ides or dace. Roaches, breams and perches are also relatively easy to spot. The second issue will be fish that, for various reasons, could not reach the oxbow lake (in most cases these will be small and meium-size rivers) and are force to stay in the riverbe.