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Webinars are not the same as streaming a physical event. In webinars. Both participants and trainers each participate via their own terminal. While event streams usually have at least some kind of audience on site as well. Why should you use webinars? Webinars offer many benefits to both organizers and participants. Increasing sales and customer acquisition matti: “Webinars offer. Especially for expert companies. A great way to highlight their own know-how. And through this a way to do effective customer acquisition and marketing . perspective in the webinar. More than 10.000 since 2012. And marketing tool . We have invest in them for two reasons: the first reason is that it is easy for us to get participants in the webinars through digital marketing. In this way.

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We are able to replace. For example.¬† avoid email list using cold sales contacts. Another reason is that with the help of webinars we are able to generate value for potential customers even before we have tri to sell anything. This creates a great basis for further discussions.” with the help of the webinar. You can acquire new customers and increase sales. Independence from physical location of course. One of the advantages of webinars is that they are independent of physical location. In practice. It saves. For example. Travel-relat costs and the time requir for it. Even if it is physical training in your own city.

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It always takes some time to get there. Usually Phone Number US extra time is also reserv. So that we can definitely make it to the place. You can also participate in webinars when physically participating in the training would not be possible for some reason. For example. Due to the coronavirus. Events of more than 10 people are currently prohibit. And in such cases a webinar can serve as a great replacement solution. Webinars make it possible to try different trainings and events even with relatively little risk. For example. Piloting a new training for a small company could be too big a risk if the event were organiz face-to-face. In this case. Costs would arise from.