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By this I mean that the changes that occur from the use of these mia and, in turn, the dizzying way in which they are transform to optimize their functions, through software that is updat daily, or the spe with which New applications are creat to satisfy diverse demands, a scenario has been configur in which constant innovation is the sign that ostensibly defines the dynamics of these new environments . reflections on the university and digital technology These profound transformations, on the other hand, confront the academic work develop in the framework provid by the university with problems that have acquir centrality due to the peculiar conditions defin by these new technologies.

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 In this context, for example, an issue that generates controversy and more than one problem is that relat to intellectual property. We b2b email list know that the university produces knowlge (or is call to do so, in any case), and this means carrying out research on different areas of human endeavor: sciences, humanities, technology, art, etc. It happens that in the process of collecting information, proposing ideas and carrying out research with the aim of publishing it, it may be that adequate use is not made of the sources us to prepare a work of this type.

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 Here arises the problem of plagiarism or the misappropriation of information produc by another person. The amounts of information available now are, let’s say, “oceanic” . And this unmanageable mass of data is literally just Phone Number US a click away. As intimidating as it is to consult a significant part of that wealth of electronic books, online articles and documentaries, tables, images and podcasts, blogs, websites and various repositories, it is tempting to select, here and there, fragments of foreign information and ruthlessly exercise the ever-so-helpful copy and paste.