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Philippines Country Code

Are you planning to make a call to the Philippines but aren’t sure about the country code? Well, look no further! In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the Philippines country code, so you can easily connect with your friends, family, or business associates in this beautiful country.

What is a Country Code?

Before we dive into the specifics of the Philippines country code, let’s first understand what a country code is. A country code is a numerical prefix that you dial before the actual phone number when making an international call. It helps route your call to the correct country and enables you to connect with the person you are trying to reach.

The Philippines Country Code

The country code for the Philippines is +63. When dialing a phone number in the Philippines from another country, you will need to begin with the country code followed by the local area code and then the specific phone number. For example, if you are dialing a mobile number in Manila, you would dial +63 917 XXX XXXX.

How to Dial the Philippines Country Code

Dialing an international number can sometimes be confusing, but with the correct sequence, it’s quite simple. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to dial the Philippines country code:

  1. Start by dialing the international dialing code of the country you are calling from (e.g., 00 for most European countries, 011 for the United States).
  2. Then, dial the Philippines country code +63.
  3. Next, dial the local area code (e.g., 2 for Metro Manila).
  4. Finally, dial the specific phone number you are trying to reach.

Common Area Codes in the Philippines

Each region in the Philippines malaysia phone number has its own area code, which you will need to dial after the country code. Here are some of the most common area codes in the Philippines:

  • National Capital Region (Metro Manila): Area Code 2
  • Cebu: Area Code 32
  • Davao: Area Code 82
  • Baguio: Area Code 74
  • Cagayan de Oro: Area Code 88
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Tips for Dialing International Numbers

  • Double-check the number: Make sure you have the correct phone number before dialing the international code.
  • Use a calling card: If you are making a lot of international calls, consider using a calling card to save on long-distance charges.
  • Consider time zones: Be mindful of the time difference when calling international numbers to avoid calling at odd hours.
    In conclusion, knowing the Philippines country code is essential for making international calls to this vibrant country. By following the correct dialing sequence and area codes, you can easily connect with your loved ones or business contacts in the Philippines. So, the next time you pick up the phone to make a call to the Philippines, remember to dial +63 before the local area code and phone number. Happy dialing!
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