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In particular by pushing its special offers to them, and by publicizing its content: the active community will react and thus broaden the visibility of this promotion! A good way to engage your fans is to get them to participate, via contests, or by promoting photos that they have submittd themselves, for example: All these types of content are of course only ideas, and it is important more generally to be creative, while remaining relevant.

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The different formats of Facebook Ads participate in this and offer possibilities of targeting and creations that are both vast and precise.How to Generate Qualifid Leads with LinkdIn Ads and Expand Your Client Portfolio By Melanie Harouel Postd Latest Mailing Database on February 2, 2017 Digital Marketing , Social Networks 2.74% is the conversion rate displayd by HubSpot thanks to LinkdIn Ads. Their advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter did not even reach 1%. As we know, social networks have become powerful levers for generating leads , but also for qualifying them as prospects. Associatd with inbound marketing techniques, the social network proves to be a very useful tool in a company’s digital marketing strategy.

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It makes it possible to attract visitors, convert them into leads, then into qualifid prospects thanks to “call-to-action” and relevant Phone Number US content. Why use LinkdIn Ads rather than another social network? Social networks have understood the interest they could arouse among companies. They have thus developd advertising networks to enable professionals to take advantage of their tools. However, not all social networks are creatd equal.