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Optimization on Google that Orgânica went from 0 to 90 thousand visits per month , dominating the top of searches ! Visit to see all the details: From 0 to 90 thousand visits per month: Organic at the top of Google Paid mia Paid Mia ( also call “paid ads” or “Ads”) does exactly what the name suggests: it places text, image, video or other types of mia with a link to your business in a prime position . As the name also suggests, this boost costs money , but it has a very high conversion potential because.

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Your company gains prominence immiately! Among Google’s Digital Marketing platforms , you have the opportunity to include yourself: Featur in search results; On Google partner sites (which are countless); And in other Google advertising spaces. In short: the use of Paid Mia considerably spes up your brand’s conversion flow, while your new database SEO strategy is consolidat over time! Inbound Marketing But there’s no point in being found on Google if your business doesn’t sell enough to keep your head above water.

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That’s where Inbound Marketing comes in : a methodology that we, here at Orgânica, specialize in. Inbound Marketing connects the dots between all the strategies present previously (Content Marketing, SEO and Paid Mia) to increase sales for any business! Take the opportunity to watch the video made by my partner, Lauro Becker, on the subject: Inbound Marketing Steps Tip: Inbound Marketing Phone Number US Strategy: find out what you can’t miss Google Tools for Digital Marketing Have you notic that, to appear on Google.