Understand Call Tracking in Google Analytics

Tracking Phone Calls in Google Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows.Businesses to track various metrics relateto their online presence. While it excels in tracking website visits and interactions, many businesses also want to track phone calls generate from their online efforts. In this article, we’ll explore how to track phone calls in Google Analytics, providing you with the steps to set it up and leverage this valuable data.


Call tracking in Google Analytics involves associating phone calls made to your business with specific online marketing efforts or website interactions. By tracking these calls, you gain insight into which marketing channels or campaigns are driving phone leads, allowing you to optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Use Call Tracking Software or Services

To track phone calls effectively in Google Analytics, you’ll nee to use call tracking software or services. These tools assign unique phone numbers to different marketing channels or campaigns, allowing you to attribute incoming calls to specific sources accurately.

Set Up Call Tracking Numbers

Once you’ve chosen a call tracking provider, you’ll nee to set up tracking numbers for your marketing channels. These numbers will replace latvia phone number your regular business phone number in your online ads, website, or other marketing materials. When a customer calls one of these tracking numbers, the call tracking software records the source and other relevant data.

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Integrate Call Tracking with Google Analytics

Most call tracking services offer integrations with Google Analytics, allowing you to send call data directly to your Google Analytics account. To Australia Phone Number set up this integration, you’ll typically neeto provide your Google Analytics tracking ID and authorize access to your account.

5. Configure Goals in Google Analytics

Once call tracking is set up and integrate with Google Analytics, you can configure goals to track phone call conversions. Goals in Google Analytics allow you to measure specific actions or events on your website, such as phone calls. Set up a goal that triggers whenever a user completes a phone call, using the data sent from your call tracking software.