Tubular with access to its data

Well, Instagram stopped providing Tubular with access to its data for views in November 2020. However, it continued to provide access to the number of accounts using the social video platform, videos they published, and engagements they got. Why? I don’t know, it’s a mystery. Nevertheless, that’s what makes catching social video trends on Instagram like bobbing for apples. Still, 4.3 million accounts uploaded 278 million videos to Instagram from Oct. 16, 2021, to Oct. 15, 2022. These videos got a total of 907 billion engagements. And 4.1 million accounts uploaded 297 million videos to Instagram from Oct. 16, 2022, to Oct. 15, 2023. These videos got 1.2 trillion engagements (with a “t”).

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Lost 4.7% of its creators in the past year, but the remaining ones have created 6.8% more videos, which have received 32.3% more engagements. Now, that’s a trend you can sink your Belize Mobile Number List teeth into. 6. On TikTok, ChatGPT isn’t considered a scary Halloween costume ChatGPT was launched on Nov. 30, 2022 by OpenAI. So, this is the first year that the chatbot could be considered by anyone interested in wearing a scary Halloween costume. But Tubular data for the first half of 2023 indicates that TikTok viewers are more interested in finding hacks and tips about using ChatGPT and integrating generative AI technology into their daily lives.

If you look at the percentage of

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Views on this topic on , then you’ll be stunned to see: 30% come from the Business category. 24% come from School. 19% come from Memes & Comedy. 17% come from Software Engineering. 7% come from Marketing. 4% come from Art. This lack of fear about chatbots is reflected in the views Philippines Phone Number List of education hashtags about ChatGPT on TikTok: school 140.5 million. college 130.3 million. university 92.7 million. essay 84.1 million. student 73.0 million. highschool 62.3 million. So, it appears that TikTok viewers have taken the advice of Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who said in a commencement address back in May: “While some worry that.