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aScript libraries/modules that help simplify web application development. Following are some of the important features of Node.js that make it a top choice in application development: Asynchronous & Event-driven All APIs from Node.js are asynchronous, meaning they do not block other processes while waiting for one process to complete. The Node.js server will proceed to the next API call and then utilize the event notification mechanism to get a response from the previous API call. Very Fast Code execution with Node.js is very fast because it runs on the V8 JavaScript Engine from Google Chrome. Single Threaded but Highly Scalable Node.js uses a single thread model with event looping. 

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 to respond asynchronously and makes the server more scalable compared to traditional servers that use many threads to handle requests. Node.js is designed for applications with intensive I/O processes such as network servers or backend APIs. Programming with multithreading is relatively heavier and difficult to do. If we want to create a web server that can handle hundreds of requests simultaneously, using hundreds of threads will require a lot of memory. Therefore, the asynchronous ws database and single thread characteristics of Node are designed to allow server implementations that can handle many requests at the same time. After succeeding in becoming a JavaScript Runtime that can execute JavaScript code outside the browser.

Node.js seems to be the gateway

for JavaScript Developers to develop systems outside the browser. With Node.js, JavaScript has become a multiplatform language that has prompted many developers to use it. JavaScript’s popularity is skyrocketing! JavaScript is one of the right choices for building a Phone Number US web server, especially if you are a Front-End Web Developer. You certainly don’t need to use a different language in building the Back-End. You can become a Full-Stack Developer by learning just one programming language. Did you know that this article was taken directly from one of the sub-modules in the Learning to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners class which was prepared by a team of Dicoding experts together with industry practitioners.