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These are theory, a branding agency only deals with introducing new companies, services or products to the market. In practice, however, the scope of its operation is more complex and includes conducting an integrate comprehensive offline and online campaign, using various tools and communication channels. In fact, the activities of a branding agency resemble projects carrie out by advertising and interactive agencies operating in the 360° model. As part of cooperation with a branding company, not only a brand with a new image is create, but also a complete advertising campaign, tailore to the company’s profile and its products. In the process of creating branding, the agency can use social meia.

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ATL campaigns and other tools that are also use by advertising agencies. Check 3 main tasks of a branding agency The core of the duties of a professional branding agency consists of three elements: Strategy At the beginning of cooperation with a given company, a branding agency meticulously analyzes its initial situation, and in particular focuses on the opportunities and threats that come photo editor from the environment, profiles and activities of the competition, as well as on the strengths and weaknesses in order to distinguish the brand from its market rivals. Base on the collecte data, it defines guidelines for brand positioning in the markets in which it operates – it specifies image features that the brand should promote and those that are unlikely to lead to its success.

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At this stage, the outlines of the company’s marketing are also create. corporate identity Corporate identity, i.e. visual identification, is an integrate whole, a set of elements that make it easier for a brand to communicate its individuality and values ​​on the market. CI ensures the consistency of products, services, advertising messages and other messages sent to the environment. It is a kind of visual identity, which consists of such elements as: logo, slogan, colors Phone Number US of markings, advertising materials, company headquarters, use fonts – type, colors, use shapes, textures and everything else that creates the overall image of the brand. Corporate identity is also naming, i.e. appropriate naming of a brand or its product.