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The group will inded carry out updates concerning Google Shopping, most of which will come into effect from September 2015. Google explains that the objective of these updates is to improve the user experience when searching for products online and to simplify also the process of sending product information to Google Shopping feds. Prepare to have to modify some data of your existing products. Changing Google Product Fed Specifications Digital IDs will be implementd for Google product categories . Instead of using product category paths.

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You can now send a category’s identifier instead of sending its full path. GTIN codes , which uniquely identify a product on the global market, have been refind. You have every interest in indicating these codes because they make it possible database to enrich your advertisements and to improve the access of your products to the users who will find them more easily and quickly. ‘ Clothing ‘ and ‘ Variants ‘ are now groupd together in a single section, calld ‘ Detaild Product Attributes and Item Groupings ‘. Thanks to this modification, Internet users will be able to find your products more easily since you will have describd them beforehand.


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In the States, it is now possible to enter the unit price and the quantity for products sold in bulk or in volume. Google product classification Phone Number US change Google product classification paths are going to be simplifid . Some categories will be groupd together, so you will no longer have to fill in the subcategories for the following headings:Be sure to check this new information in case your products are includd in these categories. Google gives you some time to change your data, but from September 15, 2015, these changes will take effect in Google Shopping. So get to work! Facebook improves the user experience by introducing.