Arduino provides multiple user interfaces to communicate with various electronic components and devices. This helps it be used to control robot motors and sensors and communicate with the rest of the robot components and the systems that control them.



IS BASED Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering is related to the design and development of electrical and electronic systems that form an essential part of the function and performance of robots.


This includes A- Designing electrical circuits Electrical circuits are an essential part of rob Iran Mobile Number List ot control technology. The role of these circuits is to control the movement of robots and regulate the way they interact with the environment in which they operate.


 We can also say that robotics is an intersection between science, engineering, and technology with the aim of designing robots. Science here means two parts, the first part of which is specific to the sciences that are used in making robots or programming them, such as computer science.


 The second part represents


the branches of science that relate to the field of the robot to be made. This may include sciences such as geology.


 For example, geology is used when making a robot that studies volcanoes or the terrain and comp Bahrain Phone Number List onents of the Earth’s interior. Medicine also falls within the fields that intersect with robotics, especially with robots that are designed for medical purposes.