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that there are no more customers using the machine and usually when carrying out maintenance. You do this by directing the switch to the “OFF” position. Session : The session will start when the customer inserts the ATM card into the ATM machine until the ATM card is removed from the ATM machine. Transactions: Transactions that include transfers, cash withdrawals and balance checks. Transfer : Transfers are divided into two, namely transfers between banks or different banks. If the transfer is from a different bank, you will need to enter the destination bank code. Cash Withdrawal: Cash withdrawal is the process of withdrawing money from the balance, usually listed on the main display menu. Check Balance: Check balance functions¬†

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to obtain information on a customer’s account regarding the balance they have. OK,¬† along with descriptions or explanations that can be provided. After reading this article, do you understand examples of use case diagrams? It’s even better if you learn programming with Dicoding . It is not like that? Being good at ws data modeling and programming is a cool thing, you know. So let’s join, Dicoding Academy which has global standards. Example of Use Case Diagram Complete with Explanation – by Rendi Juliarto , Junior Content Writer Dicoding IndonesiaBefore answering what Node.js is , we need to look at the situation of JavaScript in the past. From the beginning until before Node.js was created, the browser was the only place that could execute JavaScript code. Therefore, Web Developers need to learn different programming languages to develop Front-End and Back-End applications.¬†

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l JavaScript develops, it will only be used on the Front-End side. In fact, many developers are trying to create technology so that JavaScript can be run outside the browser. But nothing has worked yet. Until 2009, Ryan Dahl succeeded Phone Number US in creating Node.js , a technology that was hoped for by many web developers. Unexpectedly, the technology he created is currently gaining high popularity. Node.js is widely used by large companies like Netflix, Uber, Paypal, and eBay. So what is Node.js? Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript that is open-source and cross-platform. With Node.js we can run JavaScript code anywhere, not just limited to the browser environment. Node.js runs the V8 JavaScript engine (which is also the core of Google Chrome) outside the browser.