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create a new Node.js project step 5 Voila! You have successfully created a Node.js project. After successfully creating a Node.js project, the next step you have to learn is how to execute JavaScript with Node.js. If you are interested in learning further, at Dicoding there is a class. On Learning to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners . This class is part of the Back-End Developer learning path which was prepared together with Amazon Web Services and other industry players. If you need a scholarship to gain access to this learning path, please register for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship program . Node.js Tutorial: What is Node.js and Node.js basics – end Also read the following optional articles: Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open.

What is the JavaScript programming

language? Developers must know. JavaScript Tutorial: Write Your First JavaScript Code. Registration for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program is open for 100,000 general participantsWhat is UML? To create an application, you need a model. Modeling is the same as designing, the difference is that modeling itself is a whatsapp database orm of system implementation of how to put a design into an image (visual) in the form of a diagram. A programmer can easily understand, analyze and make it easier to create a program using UML ( Unified Modeling Language ). An application program is usually a system that is used and implemented . Over a fairly long period of time. The application program is not only used . At that time, but continues or continues.

Because application programs

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are used for a long time, there is a need for good and clear planning, design and modeling analysis, such as flow for application programs. In this article, I will explain the concept of a visual language, including the definition of UML and examples. Let’s look at the following explanation. What is UML? diagram UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) is a method of visual modeling that is used as a means of designing object-oriented Phone Number US systems. Initially, UML was created by the Object Management Group with the initial version 1.0 in January 1997. UML can also be defined as a standard language for visualizing, designing and documenting systems, or also known as a standard language for writing software blueprints .  to see the final results created in the package.json file. create a new Node.

Back End Developer and is provided

Scholarship Program . The scholarship is public, unconditional, and completely free. To be able to simply register and fill out the short registration form at . After registering, you will definitely get it! 100,000 Scholarships for Indonesia from Amazon Web Services Node. Js basics For those of you who want to start learning about.  Node.js, here are important basic knowledge milestones that must be studied at a minimum. Create a new Node.js project Executing JavaScript with Node.js Mengetahui Node.js Global Object Memahami Modularization Using Node Package Manager Understanding Eventing Understanding Filesystems Understand Readable Stream and Writable Stream techniques For this article, we will focus on how to create.

Project Before creating a project

A new Node.js project. Create a Node.js, create a new folder first.  We recommend that you create the folder at C -> javascript-projects -> nodejs-basic for Windows users; home -> javascript-projects -> nodejs-basic for Linux or ws number list macOS users. create a new Node.js project step 1 Next, open the nodejs-basic folder using VSCode. To do this, in Visual Studio Code select the File menu -> Open Folder -> [select folder] . The folder was successfully opened via VSCode. create a new Node. Project step 2 To create a JavaScript project, please open Terminal in VSCode.

command npm init NPM aka Node Package

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Manager is the default JavaScript Package Manager for Node.js. Through NPM we can create Node.js packages (projects) and manage the use of external packages used. We will discuss NPM in more detail later. If you don’t use Visual Studio Code, use your OS’s Terminal/Command Prompt. Phone Number US However, adjust the location in the project folder. After writing the command above, you will be asked several questions to fill in the values for package name, version, description . All of this is basic information about the application you are creating. create a new Node.js project step 3 The values in brackets are the default values . You can use the value by directly pressing the Enter key .

This allows Node js to have high

aScript libraries/modules that help simplify web application development. Following are some of the important features of Node.js that make it a top choice in application development: Asynchronous & Event-driven All APIs from Node.js are asynchronous, meaning they do not block other processes while waiting for one process to complete. The Node.js server will proceed to the next API call and then utilize the event notification mechanism to get a response from the previous API call. Very Fast Code execution with Node.js is very fast because it runs on the V8 JavaScript Engine from Google Chrome. Single Threaded but Highly Scalable Node.js uses a single thread model with event looping. 

This mechanism helps the server

 to respond asynchronously and makes the server more scalable compared to traditional servers that use many threads to handle requests. Node.js is designed for applications with intensive I/O processes such as network servers or backend APIs. Programming with multithreading is relatively heavier and difficult to do. If we want to create a web server that can handle hundreds of requests simultaneously, using hundreds of threads will require a lot of memory. Therefore, the asynchronous ws database and single thread characteristics of Node are designed to allow server implementations that can handle many requests at the same time. After succeeding in becoming a JavaScript Runtime that can execute JavaScript code outside the browser.

Node.js seems to be the gateway

for JavaScript Developers to develop systems outside the browser. With Node.js, JavaScript has become a multiplatform language that has prompted many developers to use it. JavaScript’s popularity is skyrocketing! JavaScript is one of the right choices for building a Phone Number US web server, especially if you are a Front-End Web Developer. You certainly don’t need to use a different language in building the Back-End. You can become a Full-Stack Developer by learning just one programming language. Did you know that this article was taken directly from one of the sub-modules in the Learning to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners class which was prepared by a team of Dicoding experts together with industry practitioners.

The operator will put the available

that there are no more customers using the machine and usually when carrying out maintenance. You do this by directing the switch to the “OFF” position. Session : The session will start when the customer inserts the ATM card into the ATM machine until the ATM card is removed from the ATM machine. Transactions: Transactions that include transfers, cash withdrawals and balance checks. Transfer : Transfers are divided into two, namely transfers between banks or different banks. If the transfer is from a different bank, you will need to enter the destination bank code. Cash Withdrawal: Cash withdrawal is the process of withdrawing money from the balance, usually listed on the main display menu. Check Balance: Check balance functions 

Those are some examples of use cases

to obtain information on a customer’s account regarding the balance they have. OK,  along with descriptions or explanations that can be provided. After reading this article, do you understand examples of use case diagrams? It’s even better if you learn programming with Dicoding . It is not like that? Being good at ws data modeling and programming is a cool thing, you know. So let’s join, Dicoding Academy which has global standards. Example of Use Case Diagram Complete with Explanation – by Rendi Juliarto , Junior Content Writer Dicoding IndonesiaBefore answering what Node.js is , we need to look at the situation of JavaScript in the past. From the beginning until before Node.js was created, the browser was the only place that could execute JavaScript code. Therefore, Web Developers need to learn different programming languages to develop Front-End and Back-End applications. 

No matter how sophisticated and powerfu

l JavaScript develops, it will only be used on the Front-End side. In fact, many developers are trying to create technology so that JavaScript can be run outside the browser. But nothing has worked yet. Until 2009, Ryan Dahl succeeded Phone Number US in creating Node.js , a technology that was hoped for by many web developers. Unexpectedly, the technology he created is currently gaining high popularity. Node.js is widely used by large companies like Netflix, Uber, Paypal, and eBay. So what is Node.js? Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript that is open-source and cross-platform. With Node.js we can run JavaScript code anywhere, not just limited to the browser environment. Node.js runs the V8 JavaScript engine (which is also the core of Google Chrome) outside the browser.

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 Ramadhan Kareementitled Eid Mubarak 1442 H William Felix with Lenses entitled Eid al-Fitr Wilson Jonathan Oey with Lenses entitled Remove Barriers 2 Wilson Jonathan Oey with Lenses entitled Remove Barriers 1 Thank you to all developers who have participated. For those who haven’t been lucky, keep your spirits up! Always stay tuned for the latest Challenges at dExample of Use Case Diagram Complete with Explanation Hello, how are you friends? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, hehe. Hopefully something that is easy to learn. The first step in modeling is of course the need for a diagram that is able to deexamples of use case diagrams along with explanations. 

OVO Payment ovo use case diagram

 OVO is a smart application that makes transactions easy (OVO Cash), and functions to collect points in many places (OVO Points). This is an example of a use case diagram for a case study on OVO. The image above is an example of a use case diagram for OVO, the explanation is as follows: User : People who can access or use the OVO application, starting from logging into the application to carrying whatsapp data out actions on the application such as top up balances, transfers and payments. Register : Register is the first step a user takes when they don’t have access to the OVO application. Register personal data into the application so that it is recognized. Login: After getting an account, the user must log in to be able to access various OVO application features. 

Top up An activity carried out by users

 Top up their OVO balance. There are 2 alternative options for topping up your balance, namely via ATM and internet banking. Transfer : Transfer functions to send or share balances in the OVO application to other users, either fellow OVO users or to certain accounts. Payment : When the user selects the payment menu, the user can make payments via the application. ATM machine example of use case diagram – atm Actors involved: Customer, Bank, and ATM Phone Number US Operator. Existing use cases: sessions, transactions, transfers, cash withdrawals, balance checks, system startup, and system shutdown. Below are some complete explanations of the use case: System Startup : This system will be turned on by the operator when turning the switch to the “ON” position. 

How Important Are Use Case Diagrams

Some of you may ask how important it is to create a use case diagram. In creating UML, use case diagrams are the main component that cannot be missed. That way, you can conclude that use case diagrams are important in creating UML. What is a Use Case Diagram? diagram Use case diagrams are one of various types of UML ( Unified Modeling Language.  Fasting Mohamad Cholil Alfarizi with Lenses entitled Ied Countdown. Mohammad Hisyam with Lenses entitled Eid 2021 Muhamad.  Yusuf with Lenses titled Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan.

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entitled Happy Eid Muhammad Sholihin with Lenses entitled Iman Ramadan. Ni Made Ananda Ayu Permata with Lenses entitled Surprise . Ramadan Ni Made Ananda Ayu Permata with Lenses entitled Ramadan Mubarak Nur Afdlol Musyafa.  With Lenses entitled Ketupat Glasses Nur Afdlol Musyafa with Lenses entitled Ketupat Mask Panca Nugraha Wicaksana with Lenses entitled Ramadan Kareem Pratama Halim with Lenses entitled Ketupat Run whatsapp number list Pratama Halim with Lenses entitled Eid Countdown Nanda Kurniawan’s son with Lenses entitled Eid Cooking R Abi Mayu Bie Rahman with Lenses entitled Countdown to Eid Al-Fitr 1442H Rian Mandala Putra with Lenses entitled Fasting Quiz Rian Mandala Putra with Lenses entitled 5 Times Prayer Rivaldi Palermo with Lenses entitled

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entitled Capture THR Rizky Adi with Lenses entitled Eating Ketupat Rolas Meiputra Nababan with Lenses entitled Ramadhan Arrives Ronny Makhfuddin Akbar with Lenses entitled Ramadan Lebaran Ryan Ardyansyah with Lenses entitled Countdown Eid Ryan Ardyansyah with Lenses entitled Happy Eid Mubarak Shena Star Sarwodi Phone Number US with Lenses entitled Ngabuburit BS (True False) Shena Star Sarwodi with Lenses entitled Quiz Ramadhan Sun Win Christofer with Lenses entitled Sahur Funny version Sun Win Christofer with Lenses entitled Quiz Ramadhan Tio Reza Muchtar with Lenses entitled Rooster Ketupat Umroini with Lenses entitled AR .

The system that will be created

Lenses entitled Ramadhan 1442H Amril Hakim Sihotang.  With Lenses entitled Idul Fitri1442H Aulia Agustina with Lenses. Entitled 30 Days Ramadan Challenge Bayu Azra Yudhantorro . With Lenses entitled Opor’s Thoughts Bayu Azra Yudhantorro . With Lenses entitled Chief Opor Dadi Ilham Setiadi with Lenses entitled Happy. Ramadan 2021 Daffa Azhar Putra Utama with Lenses entitled THR Lebaran Daffa Azhar . Putra Utama with Lenses entitled Ramadhan Questions Dani Danial. With Lenses entitled Sahur Challenge Dani Danial with Lenses entitled . Roaster Get Opor Deni Hadiya Akmala with Lenses entitled Calculate. Eid Deo Fibrianico with Lenses entitled RamadhanPhotoBooth. Dimas Insan Wibowo with Lenses entitled Hand Stickers . Congratulations on Fasting Dimas Insan Wibowo with Lenses entitled . What to break the fast with? Elsa Putri Salsabila with Lenses entitled Eid Mubarak 1442H Erick Yudha Pratama.

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Mood Ramadan Erick Yudha Pratama Sukku with Lenses . Entitled Colorful Ramadan Faiz Muhammad ‘Alauddin with Lenses entitled Eid Food Faiz Muhammad . Alauddin with Lenses entitled Eid Vibes Faraaz Ahmad Permadi . With Lenses entitled How Much Is My THR Faraaz Ahmad Permadi with Lenses entitled Ramadhan . Quiz Fariz Fahrian with Lenses whatsapp database entitled Eid Countdown Fariz Kemal. With Lenses entitled Lens Eid Mubarak CountDown Fiqri Ardiansyah. With Lenses entitled Ramadhan Kareem Fiqri Ardiansyah with Lenses entitled Ramadhan Remember Gilang Ramdhani Putra with Lenses entitled What to Break the Fast with Gilang Ramdhani Putra with Lenses entitled Countdown IedFitri Harwinsyah Haris with Lenses entitled Ramadhan Quote Hasyim Asy’Ari with Lenses entitled Lebaran Dance Heru Triana with Lenses entitled Challenge Test Memorizing Juz Amma Hilal Arsa Himawan with Lenses entitled.

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Countdown (Eid Al-Fitr Countdown) Imamuzzaki Abu Salam . With Lenses entitled  with Lenses entitled Fasting Danger Indra Santoso. With Lenses entitled Clouded Eid Party Indra Santoso with Lenses entitled What to Get. Eid Johanes Ronald Gollop with Lenses entitled Eid Al-Fitr 2021 Johanes Ronald.  Gollop with Lenses entitled Eid Al-Fitr 2021 v3 Josep Victor Phone Number US Rajadoli with Lenses. Entitled Ngabuburit Check M. Aji Ma’Ruf Saputro with Lenses entitled Yuk Tarawih . Aji Ma’Ruf Saputro with Lenses entitled Family Gathering M. Rahman Wafiq Ghazi with Lenses called Ketupat M. Rahman Wafiq Ghazi with Lenses entitled .