Write down the tasks you need to complete today

A few minutes before work, you might as well write down the tasks you need to complete today. This can help you to carry out tasks in a more organized manner and prioritize your work. Doing so can also avoid the tragedy of “Oh! I still have work to do” when you are about to get off work.

Clean up your office environment

After working hard all day, you don’t want to Peru Phone Number List think about the company’s affairs when you get off work. You just want to get off work on time and go back to rest. At that time, you probably don’t have the energy to tidy up your desk. So, you can make full use of the few minutes before work to tidy up your office environment instead of starting your work in a messy place.

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Think of a good place to go after work


If you are someone who starts work with heavy steps every day, you can try to comfort yourself a few minutes before work. For example, think about where you can Argentina Phone Number List go after get off work and what delicious food you can eat to reward yourself. Wouldn’t you feel much better this way?


Choose the right time and be prudent

Once you have confirmed your departure date, please stay calm. You never know how people will. Feel once your departure is discovered Colleagues in. The same department will be angry about the increase in. Workload due to your departure. And some colleagues may start gossiping behind your back out of jealousy.  it will become a kind of psychological pressure. At that time. There will be an inexplicable atmosphere of disharmony and awkwardness in the office. In addition, if you don’t leave immediately, you can start to slowly and quietly pack up your personal belongings on your desk. Everyone wants to leave beautifully and decently, rather than performing an embarrassing drama in front of their former colleagues – moving a lot of bags or sweating profusely.

Smooth handover

Try to complete the work you are assigned Egypt Phone Number List and make a good handover. If you are responsible for a project, think carefully and inform all colleagues who will be affected by your departure. Don’t keep silent. Even after you leave, you should still let them have a way to contact you and consult about some problems encountered on the project, provided that it does not violate the agreement between you and the new company or any conflict of interest.

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Whether you care about those words or not

Remember to part ways with your old employer and former colleagues on good terms, and never be hard on yourself. It’s a small world. And after a few jobs Algeria Phone Number List you’ll find that you’ll keep hearing and meeting the same people no matter where you work.


Be sure to give a speech or narrate in perso

When executing a project, we all need to prepare a PPT to explain the project’s related matters and progress in detail to the senior management, boss, and customers. As for the presentation and narration, it is better to do it yourself, because you are the one who knows the project best and can provide the most accurate information to the boss’s questions. At the same time, it also avoids letting colleagues with better performance take away your credit.

The final stage must be completed in person

Many people are responsible for a Switzerland Phone Number List project from the beginning, and only hand over the simple summary stage to other colleagues at the end because they have other things to do. Many times, the credit also falls into the hands of others unconsciously at this time. The boss often pays attention to the results and only sees the final presentation.

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 Don’t tell others the information and process casually

Don’t always tell other colleagues all the information, contact details and processes. Be careful of “people with ulterior motives” who are planning to steal your credit to protect their own position. In a drama, colleague A reveals all the details to colleague B, and in the end, they either Albania Phone Number List plagiarize or lose the opportunity to compete with the boss.

Be sure to give a speech or narrate in person

our own proposal must be labeled with your own name. You must also let everyone know. That the materials you prepare and the ideas you express are prepared by you alone And no one can take away your credit.

 Attend relevant meetings

For matters that you follow up. You Belgium Phone Number List should actively participate in meetings to discuss them. People tend to only remember what. They see with their naked eyes And it is often difficult for people to remember the efforts behind the scenes.

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Be active in meetings and speak up

When participating in meetings, you should also actively put forward your own ideas and express your concerns, doubts or suggestions appropriately. When you explain your ideas You are showing your personal abilities and advantages and at the same time. People Afghanistan Phone Number List can understand your familiarity with the project and that you are the planner of the project.