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It is essential to have optimiz content? Having a website, blog, social networks and other channels present on Google , such as YouTube, is important because they are the only ways to make your content available on the Internet. Furthermore, good Digital Marketing on Google uses the various tools that the search giant itself offers so that companies can be found — and sell more ! I will present each of them below: Google My Business The Google My Business tool enables.

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Integrat indexing of your company on Google Maps (literally making it appear on the map) and also in search results. See our own example: Google My Digital Organic Business You can enter information such as your address, contact details, opening hours, photos, videos, ask for reviews, answer questions and even Latest database create posts (offers, events and other updates about your company) with a fe similar to that of social mia ! Google Analytics The Google Analytics tool allows companies to monitor the.

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Traffic of the websites they manage. This makes it easy to obtain valuable information about user behavior and the performance of Digital Marketing actions on Google! Tip: Results with Digital Marketing that you can achieve! Google Trends The Google Trends tool is very useful for planning Digital Marketing actions because, when searching for keywords in it, you can see the search volume for each one! You can also compare public interest Phone Number US between two different topics, find new keywords, separate them by platform (Google and YouTube ), by time period and by region. Analysis of interest over time in Google.