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An error in which many have fallen and, in some cases, has given rise to scandals that have transcend borders. Another situation that generates controversy is the management of information that a person can do. What are the limits regarding the distribution of copyright information? Is it legal to distribute information or reproduce it over the Internet, ignoring the laws that govern its commercialization? Aaron Swartz , a young American activist, computer expert and staunch defender of the free circulation of information, violat these legal regulations and violat the security systems of a well-known repository for the commercialization of academic articles (JSTOR), and was about to be releasing more than four million academic articles into cyberspace, after downloading them using a computer from a famous university in the Unit States, MIT, which initiat a lawsuit, which it later withdrew.

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 The North American justice system, however, continu with the process and the prosecutor request a sentence of 50 years in prison. The young man – a prodigy of digital culture who at 24 years old had been part of b2b leads important projects in this field, one of which was the creation of the social network Rdit – did not resist the pressure, and in an act that also has a lot of heroic protest, end his life. I think it is important to reflect on these facts and on the possibilities that open up from them in the framework of university ucation .

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I insist: the emergence of these new digital technologies has radically transform (and will continue to transform) our way of communicating and approaching the world. Distances have been shorten, knowlge production processes have been delocaliz (one can be part of a community locat anywhere on the planet; and one can work Phone Number US on a text, a video or any other resource from wherever one is and in the desir time). Likewise, data transmission has become cheaper and can be done with impressive spe. All of this also goes hand in hand with the consolidation of the idea that promotes the creation of communities.