How to motivate the collaboration of millennials

How can managers increase the motivation of their millennials while making the rest of the organization’s professionals more productive? I set out to answer these questions at Sage Summit, the largest forum for companies and professionals on digital transformation, innovation, technology, productivity and sales organized by sagespain on April 19 in Madrid (more than 10,000 people! requested to participate) and that had this great poster:  monicacarrillo,  ristomejide,  luispardo1,  andystalman, juanluispolo… At the SAGE event I gave a motivational presentation titled Digital Generations.

How to motivate the

Collaboration of millennials and old people whose presentation you can see at the end of this article. I hope it gives you some applicable ideas, you’ll tell me I also moderated executive email list two interesting discussion tables with Susana Hidalgo shidalgoti, People Director of Sage Iberia. The first focused on the digital culture in the company around variables such as individuality, diversity, flexibility and collaboration. The second table defined the digital workplace, based on the autonomy of the professional, technology and continuous learning, which included, among others, the presence of the Head of talent of ING Direct Spain, my friend  ander73 Going into the subject of collaboration between generations in the company, to begin with I will tell you that I do not believe.

That the relevant distinction

Is between millennials and old people but rather between suitable professionals and less valuable professionals. Because neither the youngest ones have Phone Number US talent because they are. Nor the most older people stop having it due to their age. Also at the end of this article you will  find a conceptual classification. Of the generations of professionals to clarify a little: Veterans, Seniors or babybomers, How to motivate Generation X, Generation Y or millennials. And Generation Z or centennials. Which one are you from? A Deloitte survey of 7,700 millennials from 29 countries revealed that 1 in 2 respondents (44%) say that if they have a better alternative they will leave. Their current job in the next two years, and 2 in 3 before 2020. On the other hand, 3 out of 4 millennials prefer to work from home or other locations where they believe they would be more productive and satisfied.