Mechanical and electrical parts


 As for engineering specifically electrical and mechanical engineering, its role is to design robot structures and their . In the end, using technology, a robot is manufactured and programmed, the structure and parts of which are designed to perform a specific role or purpose.


 In general, the primary

and oldest purpose of designing these robots is to rely on them to perform tasks that huma Slovenia Mobile Database ns usually do. Of course, there are other goals for designing robots that appeared later, such as performing tasks that humans cannot do or even entertaining them.


 However, the primary goal


of designing robots remains to imitate human capabilities to perform certain tasks in areas whose number is increa Belarus Phone Number List sing periodically. Robotics undertakes the task of manufacturing robots from A to Z.


 In other words, this science undertakes the process of designing, manufacturing and operating robots in the fields that depend on them, and even undertakes other tasks after operation such as continuously improving and developing their systems and capabilities.