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 Participation is completely risk-free because if you don’t fall in love with the coaches and community within 30 days, you’ll get your money back What you need to know (technical stuff): You don’t need to know how to code You’ll receive ready-made WordPress tutorial videos that you can use to set up and edit your WordPress blog Every other week there is a Facebook community live broadcast of about 30 minutes where you can ask more detailed questions Twice a year there are supplementary webinars of about 60 minutes , if you wish, you can participate in the training materials at any time. The materials are syndicated and published weekly for everyone.

You learn to narrow down your blog topics

You and your blog deserve better. So what are the benefits of coaching: You learn to use your time efficiently (do less but smarter, save time and get results faster) so that your audience is interested in you You’ll learn to write content that lets readers send you feedback saying “I have 7 posts open on my computer and I can’t wait to read them!” You’ll learn how to grow your audience quickly and new data long-term You’ll find great partners, You can recommend their products or build your own digital products and sell them using our wonderful community You’ve got the necessary information digested without spending time searching for information You’ve got the right information in the right order, mistakes

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 They worry that if customers know too much, they won’t buy. But the opposite is true. That’s why you need to tell how you can help your customers. In the Blogger to Professional™ Coaching , I spell out what content you should share for free on your blog and what content you should keep in your paid products and services.  it, and it’s actually pretty simple. I always want to understand Phone Number US why the reader comes to the blog and why he buys the product. That’s what Blogger to Professional™ coaching is all about. I didn’t copy a dozen ineffective tips and turn them into an online course.