How long can it take you to set up a basic online store from scratch

How long can it take Always when you start quantifying things there are people who are not going to agree. I like to do it because. Therefore, this way you also realize if your estimates and experiences are accurate or completely out of the ordinary.After a lot of “blah blah” we finally. Therefore, arrived at the time and task estimates. Here I leave it to you. I leave you a table with tasks.

Clarifications on my last post How long can it take

How long can it take Clarifications on my last post about the cost of an e-commerce The industry email list last time it was like this in the post I published. Therefore, about the cost of an online store . I added “basic” in the title of the article to imply that this was the minimum that would have to be taken into account because obviously. Therefore, depending on what you want to do and the number of products you want to publish, etc. You can easily spend  more.

Context you need to know about the tasks to be performed store from scratch

Context you need to know about the tasks to be performed On  this occasion I am setting Phone Number US a project outside of normal hours. It is a situation in which many people find themselves. Therefore, who, apart from their employed work, want to set up something. Therefore, of their own. Typically you get going and then you’re  long it all takes. 

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