Greenpeace activists protest in Madrid against hyperconsumerism

After several weeks of commercial and media “bombardment”, Black Friday is here. This November 25, the well-known “Black Friday” is celebrated, a day in which great discounts are the protagonists . However, the impact that Black Friday has on the planet has triggered protests early in the morning in cities like Madrid. The purpose of this action is to condemn the “waste” that is a day like today, in which companies encourage users to consume compulsively without really thinking about the impact of all their purchases.

Consequences of Black Friday

Furthermore, e-commerce returns alone in the US this Black Friday emit 15 million tons of CO2. Greenpeace’s biodiversity category email list manager, Celia Ojeda, explained in statements to EFE that the target of the protest is not consumers, but the overproduction of big brands . These encourage consumers to purchase products of “shorter duration and poorer quality”, which end up “in landfills and incinerators.” For this reason, the environmental NGO’s protests no longer only denounce the raw materials required for this high production but also warn about the pollution and high environmental cost that this type of workshop entails.

Inditex workers also demonstrate

Beyond Greenpeace, there have been other groups that have joined the protests against Black Friday these days. Yesterday, Thursday, the CGT called a demonstration Phone Number US at the doors of the Zara located in Plaza de EspaƱa. In Galicia , Inditex workers gathered this week at the As Cancelas Shopping Center in Santiago where, according to the Galician Inter-Union Confederation (CIG), the stores remained closed as a protest. Outside our borders, Amazon employees are also rebelling.