log in to Gmail Tutorial to enter your email account

Logging in to Google email is very simple, you just have to go to the main page. Of the search engine and choose any of the options that you will find at the top right. Proceed as shown in the following image: How to Enter or Log in to Gmail from. A Computer Pc or Mac.Click on the dot matrix on the upper right side which. will be displayed with several of the services of this search engine. One of those services that are opened is precisely the email service. Which you will quickly recognize by its well-known logo. Since this company knows that this is one of its most used applications. They usually place a link in this upper part without having to display the previous matrix. You can also enter the platform directly using the address.

Proceed as Shown in the Following Image:

log in to Gmail, The next thing you need is to write your account password. That is, the one you chose when creating your email account. Again if you don’t remember it with the option Have you forgotten your password. You can remember it with the recovery system or choose a top people data new one. Once you have written it, click “Next” and that’s it. You will have finished logging into Gmail from your computer whether PC or Mac. How can I log into Gmail without having to log in again from scratch. You must keep in mind that, if you use Chrome as your browser. It is very important to keep your session logged in. Since to make the most of this browser and the different Google services. Such as uploading videos to YouTube It is necessary to have an account in this service.

Download the Application

Therefore, and in summary: my advice is that if you use the Google Web browser. Once you manage to enter Gmail, when you are going to stop using your Phone Number US email do not close said session. Thus, when accessing it later you will not need to re-enter your credentials to use it. How to log in to Gmail from your Android mobile or iPhone. Now that you know how to log in from your computer. let’s see how you can do the same from your mobile. In fact, it’s much easier, and the steps are not that different. Let’s start with the tutorial. Download the application The first thing you need to do to access it from your mobile. is, obviously, download the App. In the case of Android, it usually has it by default, so you don’t need to download it. However, if you need it, you can download it through from this this link .