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create a new Node.js project step 5 Voila! You have successfully created a Node.js project. After successfully creating a Node.js project, the next step you have to learn is how to execute JavaScript with Node.js. If you are interested in learning further, at Dicoding there is a class. On Learning to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners . This class is part of the Back-End Developer learning path which was prepared together with Amazon Web Services and other industry players. If you need a scholarship to gain access to this learning path, please register for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship program . Node.js Tutorial: What is Node.js and Node.js basics – end Also read the following optional articles: Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open.

What is the JavaScript programming

language? Developers must know. JavaScript Tutorial: Write Your First JavaScript Code. Registration for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program is open for 100,000 general participantsWhat is UML? To create an application, you need a model. Modeling is the same as designing, the difference is that modeling itself is a whatsapp database orm of system implementation of how to put a design into an image (visual) in the form of a diagram. A programmer can easily understand, analyze and make it easier to create a program using UML ( Unified Modeling Language ). An application program is usually a system that is used and implemented . Over a fairly long period of time. The application program is not only used . At that time, but continues or continues.

Because application programs

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are used for a long time, there is a need for good and clear planning, design and modeling analysis, such as flow for application programs. In this article, I will explain the concept of a visual language, including the definition of UML and examples. Let’s look at the following explanation. What is UML? diagram UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) is a method of visual modeling that is used as a means of designing object-oriented Phone Number US systems. Initially, UML was created by the Object Management Group with the initial version 1.0 in January 1997. UML can also be defined as a standard language for visualizing, designing and documenting systems, or also known as a standard language for writing software blueprints .  to see the final results created in the package.json file. create a new Node.