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They are and how they work in our brain seo expate bd APRIL , Know thyself: when brain and emotions travel in unison APRIL NEUROBRANDING Fun is the plus for a winning marketer APRIL , Buzz marketing: relationships at the heart of conversational marketing APRIL , BRAND POSITIONING The excitement of discovery: the key thing for consumers APRIL , Digital semiotics: an innovative discipline for today’s communicator APRIL , DIGITAL & SOCIAL The great impact of micro and nano influencers in marketing campaigns APRIL Celebrity Marketing in the time of Coronavirus APRIL , PODCAST Mirroring: what it is, definition and examples MARCH , Framing: what it is, definition and examples MARCH , NEWS At the Marketers Festival.

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NOVEMBER , ECOMM and Pricting Phone Number US Personality: Likes reveal more than you think Communication and manipulation: clash or meeting? December In Digital & Social The combination of communication and manipulation has always exist. But which one prevails today? We can give some rules to understand these two phenomena that surround and condition us. Here they are. Historically, researchers and scholars have always tri to establish how free individuals are in their evaluations. The public always thinks it is free in its choices, but those who study communication know the techniques and theories that allow the public to be influenc without it realizing it. The typical example is that of advertising which manages to influence us in our purchases.