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That’s why adding feedback and testimonials to the sales page in strategic places is worthwhile. Feedback is unfortunately easy to do yourself, so I recommend at least taking a screenshot of the customer’s comment, email or other message. And so that the customer’s name and/or picture is visible or at least partially covered. Video testimonials are the best of all and can be sprinkled here and there on the sales page. Here is an example of a feedback page , where I myself collect all the feedback and grab a few from there for the sales page. 4. SEO optimizes the sales page and adds it to Google Search Console The SEO optimization of the sales page works on the same principle as the blog text . Once the sales page is published, go to Google Search Console and add the url of the sales page to “Check any of the resource’s … URLs” and hit enter.

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From the entrepreneur to the customer, the call to action should follow this same line. If suddenly the call to action says “I want to start!” the reader gets confused and wonders if the entrepreneur is talking about himself. If the call to action is a button, it should be the same color as all the other buttons.  gets used to buttons of a certain color on your home page, it is much more natural to click the same special data color button on the sales page as well. However, the color must be sufficiently distinct. I myself use shadows quite a lot and add a shadow under each button to make it stand out more clearly. 3. Feedback and testimonials It is important for potential customers to see that others have also purchased your course or service.

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Avoid flashy colors and excessive clicks on the sales page. The more often a person has to click to get the information they want, the greater the reason for not making the purchase. This also applies to the purchase process, i.e. direct the person from the sales page directly to the checkout, do not recycle them through the online store or the Shopping Cart. However, remember to present the Phone Number US price already on the sales page. 17 elements Register statement and data protection 2. Develop a call to action (CTA) On the first sales page, the call to action can be “start by clicking here”. But during conversion optimization, you should test the calls to action.  calls to action is changing the style from “you to me”. What I mean by this is that if the sales page is written “from me to you”, i.e.