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Scholarship Program . The scholarship is public, unconditional, and completely free. To be able to simply register and fill out the short registration form at . After registering, you will definitely get it! 100,000 Scholarships for Indonesia from Amazon Web Services Node. Js basics For those of you who want to start learning about.  Node.js, here are important basic knowledge milestones that must be studied at a minimum. Create a new Node.js project Executing JavaScript with Node.js Mengetahui Node.js Global Object Memahami Modularization Using Node Package Manager Understanding Eventing Understanding Filesystems Understand Readable Stream and Writable Stream techniques For this article, we will focus on how to create.

Project Before creating a project

A new Node.js project. Create a Node.js, create a new folder first.  We recommend that you create the folder at C -> javascript-projects -> nodejs-basic for Windows users; home -> javascript-projects -> nodejs-basic for Linux or ws number list macOS users. create a new Node.js project step 1 Next, open the nodejs-basic folder using VSCode. To do this, in Visual Studio Code select the File menu -> Open Folder -> [select folder] . The folder was successfully opened via VSCode. create a new Node. Project step 2 To create a JavaScript project, please open Terminal in VSCode.

command npm init NPM aka Node Package

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Manager is the default JavaScript Package Manager for Node.js. Through NPM we can create Node.js packages (projects) and manage the use of external packages used. We will discuss NPM in more detail later. If you don’t use Visual Studio Code, use your OS’s Terminal/Command Prompt. Phone Number US However, adjust the location in the project folder. After writing the command above, you will be asked several questions to fill in the values for package name, version, description . All of this is basic information about the application you are creating. create a new Node.js project step 3 The values in brackets are the default values . You can use the value by directly pressing the Enter key .