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 To equip employers with the talent they need to drive in a rapidly evolving workplace environment, provide you with automated video interviews to automate your screening phase. Our platform uses artificial intelligence and humanized technology to help companies recruit top talent faster than ever before. The platform provides the next generation of technology that combines machine learning natural language processing for computer vision and predictive analytics.

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It also enables job seekers to express their skills and personality new data through video interviews. “ is not very clear is not everyone can write a good summary? Make it clear that video communication is the best way to communicate and hate people. We do believe that candidates are more than just documents or documents. But video interviews are very expensive and we want to make it available to everyone who hates being small.

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 A free program is offered to provide video interviews for all recruiters to hire the best talent. “ explained CEO . Conclusion. The Driver Recruitment Phone Number US Platform is designed to speed up the evolving process and allow start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses to do so and save them money. The technology can analyze resumes and conduct automated video interviews to screen candidates.