Adwords ads are important marketing

 Namely, when Facebook makes a change to its own algorithm, all your hard work starts over. More on the topic: Do you know why you shouldn’t build your audience and customer base only on social media That’s what happened to me and many other entrepreneurs in February 2016. While the previous day, Facebook showed an ad to thousands of people, after a small algorithm change, my ad was seen by only 500 people.  wiped out overnight. We cannot control when Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest makes changes.

The work I had spent three months on was

 We cannot influence the visibility of our own ads and content. But if you’re gathering readers from these channels for your email list, you’re not at the mercy of algorithm changes. 2. It is easier to get readers to buy through an email list Email is a really intimate means new data of communication. When a reader gives you their email address, they say they trust you. The connection has been established. You have permission to send him value-added content, tips and offers. And he doesn’t mind it. , you have the opportunity to get to know the reader more and he gets to know you. be a little easier because the trust between you is strong. Not just anyone will join your email list. The “follo2follow” guys on Instagram will remove you from the follower list before long.

When it comes time to sell, the sale will

Likewise on Twitter. They don’t care what you post, they just want followers for themselves. But the person who joined the email list likes what you do and what you write about. He wants to know more. He wants to learn more. And he’ll probably be willing to pay for it one day, too. For example, I sent an email to my own email list at the beginning of October, where I said that I would take on 3 more new trainees for personal sparring at the end of the year. That one email brought me €2,776.05 in sales in 48 hours. I rarely take on new clients for personal coaching. The next appointments will be in April-May 2019. It is important to remember that I have been in contact with my weekly Phone Number US newsletter subscribers once a week. I send them a lot of value-added content and rarely sell. I think this is fair to them. 3.