Adidas opens investigation against Kanye West

Accusations are piling up against Kanye West . The rapper and businessman is back in the spotlight after a Rolling Stone report revealed that he allegedly showed pornography to employees of Yeezy, his company. According to this media, he could have shown explicit sexual videos and photos in meetings and job interviews in which he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, would appear. This same behavior seems to have been extended to the adidas company . The company has now opened an internal investigation into Kanye West following an open letter that some workers sent to the brand’s management, denouncing some of the rapper’s attitudes.¬†

Criticism for anti-Semitic and racist statements 

In recent months, Kanye West has not stopped sparking controversy . Last October he already lost one of his most important business allies in his industry email list career, Adidas , for making anti-Semitic and racist comments on social networks . At the time, Adidas said that after careful consideration, the company had made the decision to end its partnership with West immediately, cease production of Yeezy-branded products and stop all payments to the artist and his companies. “Ye’s recent statements and actions are unacceptable, hateful and dangerous ,” the brand stated in a statement.

Designed footwear and clothing

Kanye West, who has for Adidas under the Yeezy brand since 2015, clashed head-on with the brand by showing his anti-Semitism and disrespect. But this brand Phone Number US has not been the only one to cut ties with the rapper. Balenciaga, a luxury fashion brand commonly associated with West, was the first to reject collaborations with the artist, followed by talent agency CAA and, later, Studio MRC, which already announced that it would not air the documentary about West.”It is currently unclear whether the allegations made in an anonymous letter are true,” he said. “However, we take these allegations very seriously and have made the decision to immediately launch an independent investigation into the matter to resolve the allegations.”